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Hands-on, hands-off, or somewhere in between.

my services

When we work together, I’ll involve you in the process from start to finish, and you can be as involved as you want. Overflowing with ideas? Great! No idea what to post? That’s cool too—I’m a badass at creating content from the ground up if you’ve got nothing to give me. 

You won’t find any templates or re-used scripts here. I’m a creative copywriter who adapts to your voice, your clients, and your goals. I bring my own strategy and knowledge, and take care of the implementation and publishing, so blogs never sit in your drafts folder just waiting to be finished when you “have the time.”. 

My style is honest, transparent, fun, and easy to work with — and I always have your best interests in mind.

White-glove blogging service

For those who want to see ROI without giving their blog a thought

The signature service that results over and over again in first page Google rankings for my clients 

A-la-carte blog post copywriting

For those who want to explore the process without the commitment

This is copy without the commitment where you can bundle one or more blogs together — I write, you implement.

Mentorships for creatives + blog managers

For those who want to learn to blog or learn how to become a blog copywriter for clients of their own

Mentoring sessions for business owners who want to expand or accelerate their blogging or blog management skills 

Danielle is the end all be all of bloggers.

"I really mean it when I say she is the best contractor I've ever hired for any aspect of my business. Not only is the work that she does quality, but so is the *process* of working with her. She is organized, diligent, graceful with me when I am not those things, and truly dedicated to the growth and development of my business. Hire her!! The growth of your business depends on it."

emma studley,
elopement photographer

The best business investment of the year!!

"WOWOW I cannot say enough good things about Danielle. Before working with her I rarely did any blogging… just enough to have a ‘blog’ page on my site ha!! She’s been able to help me stay up to date with sharing recent work so that my site reflects my current style. This has helped me attract my ideal clients in a huge way (bc my blog wasn’t only photos from like 2 years ago)!

WEDDING Photographer

Danielle makes blogging seamless and easy.

“My blog is out of sight, out of mind which is perfect for my busy schedule. She flawlessly researches and stitches together posts out of just a few points I send her way and absolutely crushes it every time. I highly recommend her!!”

Donna Smith,
 Elopement Photographer

blogging isn't dead.

And it’s resulted in “another page one ranking!” over and over for my clients.

A recent Patagonia elopement guide post ranked #5 on page one of Google within 6 days. 

Within one week, a Dolomites, Italy elopement blog for a client  was ranking on page one of Google for “Seceda Dolomites elopement”

A client blog post about Acre Baja wedding venue in Mexico is ranking on page one of Google for nearly every Acre Baja wedding-related search 

this could be you, too.

The SEO Anatomy of a Blog Post

don't miss out on the freebie

I’m not for everyone, but I am for you if you…

Want to work with a fun, badass copywriter who can take your ideas and run with them

Are ready to commit to a long-term SEO strategy that gets you found on Google

want to stand out in your industry with high-quality, creative blog posts

Are excited to hand off your blogging to someone you trust, and stop worrying about what to post or how to implement

It’s time to stop putting all your eggs in one basket. 

*cough* Instagram *cough*

If you’re tired of spending hours on the ‘gram just to have the algorithm change again…then let’s get you ranking on Google. 

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed & your website needs to be somewhat optimized when you come to me, in order to convert traffic from Google into inquiries. The more SEO-optimized your site is, the more (and the higher) blogs will rank, and the quicker you’ll see results!