Increase your traffic without lifting a finger

With my signature white-glove blogging service

“The fact that she can write the blog posts in my voice, with my aesthetic and way of speaking, is a skill I will never understand, but am forever grateful for!”

Blogging can be wildly beneficial to your business growth, when it’s done correctly. 

There are so many reasons why my clients approach me – maybe you’ve already tried:

  • Hiring a copywriter who wrote for you  but then you never actually did anything with the copy (and it’s still sitting in your drafts)
  • Taking SEO or blogging courses – but you blogged once, and then never again because of the information overload + time commitment 
  • Hiring someone to blog for you – but that person didn’t write with Google, strategy, or your personal business goals in mind, so you didn’t see results
  • Hiring a blog writer – but they wrote cookie-cutter blog posts & didn’t match your brand/voice well enough

This is why I make the processes as easy as possible for you by offering fully done-for-you packages, where I do everything from A to Z. I write, strategize, put it all into WordPress or Squarespace, and hit "publish."

White-glove blogging.

This service includes fully done-for-you blogging from start to finish, where you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you want to be. It’s a 4-month contract with a strategy call at the beginning of each 4-month period to plan out the content, whether you have a list of 50+ ideas you want to give me, or you want me to do the heavy lifting + topic research for you.

Packages are able to be customized to fit your needs, but no matter which one you choose, you’ll always start with an in-depth onboarding questionnaire, so I have the information I need to write SEO-rich content that best supports your goals. 

Signature, done-for-you service:

Most popular package:

beginning at $1000/month

(2) 1500-2500 word articles

Photographer’s package:


(1) 1500-2500 word article
(2) 500-900 word galleries

Working with Danielle is the best possibleway to uplevel your business.

“She has saved me COUNTLESS hours of stress, brought my work to the first page of Google, and inspired me to create more intentionally for my clients. If you have the means to outsource something in your business, THIS is it, THIS is the person you want to work with.”

Makenzy Smith
 Wedding Photographer

She is the best contractor I've ever hired for any aspect of my business.

"Since she started blogging for me a year ago, I've been able to rest assured knowing that my blog is getting fresh content that drives SEO and establishes me as an authoritative voice in my industry. My clients compliment me all the time on how helpful and inspiring the blogs have been for them. I am so grateful for Danielle!


I jumped so fast when I saw Danielle had an opening.

"I feel so relieved and ecstatic to have started working with her! It’s so nice to be able to tell her what needs to be blogged, give her an idea of what I want to say, and see her just spit out a beautiful and helpful piece. Unreal. I really cannot recommend hiring a blog writer more, and even more, Danielle specifically.”


here's how the process works!

Inquiry and booking a call

Fill out the inquiry form on my site, then you can book a strategy call with me.

A custom proposal and contract

Once we determine we’re a good fit for each other, I’ll send you a custom proposal, complete with your 4-month contract + 50% retainer of the first month’s payment.

Onboarding, research, & getting started

Fill out my detailed onboarding questionnaire so I can complete my research based on your goals and clients, and get all your login info.

Strategy call for next steps

I’ll send you a list of at least 25 blog topics that align with your goals, we’ll go over them on a strategy call to plan your content 

Continuing on & building some more

Each month, I’ll send over that month’s blog calendar and a new questionnaire to gather the necessary info from you

Take the first step…

Not totally ready to hand off control, or don't want to wait until I have openings to start?

I've got other options that will help you test the waters!

If you're looking to be a little more hands-on, or you want to learn how to DIY your own blogs, take a look at the other ways we can work together below.

DIY blog templates


My ever-popular Plug N' Play blog templates to help you create effective, optimized, + value-packed blogs with EASE.

A-la-carte blog post copywriting


This is copy without the commitment where you can bundle one or more blogs together — I write, you implement.

Brag-worthy client results from white-glove blogging 

  • An Oregon-based client is ranking on page one for more than 15 of her favorite places to shoot 
  • A sex shop client ranks on page one above Cosmopolitan magazine for a product search
  • A Mount Rainier photographer client ranks on page one for multiple Mount Rainier related search terms
  • An Oahu based elopement photographer ranking on page one for multiple relevant search terms

And, maybe my personal fave: 

A client recently let me know after a year of working together, 70% of her leads are now coming from Google and 30% from Instagram (and it used to be the other way around)! 

that's the power of consistency and seo.

Dawn Jarvis, @dawn_photo

"The blogs she has done for me this past year have been everything and more than I ever dreamed of.  If you’re even just thinking about hiring this babe, JUST DO IT! She’s the best!”

what the people are saying

Chelsea Abril | @chelsaabril

"Hire Danielle. Get gorgeously written, effective blogs that just keep bringing you client after cilent after client and basically just pay for themselves in the long run."

Makenzy Smith | @northwestfocusco

“Danielle is literally a game changer if you're a photographer or videographer. Her blogs and her skillset is.. it's actually hard to put into words just how much she has completely changed my business."

FOR 2023

a few recent favorites



(The photos below are NOT mine - they're taken from each wonderful client's blog post!)

September 2021

page one, #4

Oregon elopement cost
Oregon elopement budget
How much does it cost to elope in Oregon

Oregon elopement cost
Oregon elopement budget
How much does it cost to elope in Oregon

May 2022

page one, #1

Acre Baja wedding
Cabo wedding venues
Acre Baja wedding photographer
Acre Baja wedding cost

Acre Baja wedding
Acre Baja wedding cost
Acre Baja wedding packages
Wedding at Acre Baja

September 2022

page one, #2

Bend, Oregon elopement
Elope in Bend
Bend elopement locations

How to elope in Bend
Bend elopement locations

July 2022 & October 2021

page one, #2 & #3

Washington elopement cost
Washington elopement budget
How much does it cost to elope in Washington

Washington elopement cost
Washington elopement Budget
How much does it cost to elope in Washington

May 2022

page one, #2

Lake Crescent elopement
Lake Crescent elopement locations
How to elope at Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent elopement
Lake Crescent elopement locations
How to elope at Lake Crescent

CASE Studies

not enough hype?
here's a little more ;)

when it was published:

ranking number:

targeted searches:

what it's now on page 1 for:

What do payments look like?

What's my responsibility as a client? How much work do I need to put in?

Payments are made monthly and are due within 3 days of receiving your invoice! If you’re like me and always forget to hit that “pay” button when the date rolls around, you can set it to autopay for even more of a hands-off experience.

That’s completely up to you — seriously! My process is truly designed for you to be as hands on or hands off as possible. All I need from you at the bare minimum is to fill out a monthly questionnaire. 

Can you help me come up with topics?

How do you get familiar with my voice?

In addition to full-on stalking your entire social media feed, website, & reading through your past blog posts, you’ll fill out an in-depth onboarding questionnaire where I ask for details about your brand voice—from asking if you cuss, to wanting to know your favorite emojis, to finding out how many exclamation points you typically use at the end of your sentences. Especially after your first couple of blogs, I ask for specific, honest feedback to make sure I’m nailing your voice—if there’s even a damn comma out of place, or one too many exclamation points, I want to know!  

Yes, absolutely! If you don’t have topics in mind, I will take your questionnaire and research to create a list of ideas every month.  

How soon will I see the results?

What kinds of results have your clients seen? 

All the wins listed above, as well as consistent increases in monthly organic traffic.

While I can't guarantee anything, typically, ranks start to show up within 60-90 days of a blog being published and build over time. Rankings depend on many things, including how much Google already trusts your website when you hire me, how much work you’ve already put into optimizing your site, and how many blog posts you already have & how optimized they are, as well as slight changes in the Google algorithm. You can trust that I always implement strategies I’ve learned from professional education (courses, mentorships, etc.) as well as my own experience blogging for a variety of clients over the past 2 years, and will always be honest with you if something isn’t working & my expert advice on how we fix it moving forward! 

Do I get any revisions before you publish posts? 

When are blogs published?

I publish posts right away to avoid the phase of getting stuck & never hitting publish while going back and forth about edits. You can let me know if any edits you want to be made within 1 week of publishing, and past that 1 week & 1 round of revision, any additional rounds of revisions are $75 each. You’re always free to make your own changes after a blog post is published as you see fit, too! 

Each blog post will be published on Friday's, by 12pm PST.

How do we communicate? 

How will I give you my passwords? 

I communicate with my clients via email or Slack, whichever method you prefer. If you like sending voice memos for feedback instead of typing out messages, I recommend using Slack! 

You can write it in the Dubsado questionnaire I send you, or share it through LastPass if you're more comfortable with that. Only my assistant and I will ever access your passwords.

What does a blog post specifically include in your White Glove Blogging packages? 

This is a completely done-for-you package, where I handle the topic ideation all the way through to publishing and one round of edits. Here’s a list of all the “deliverables” you’ll receive with every single blog post:

  • Top images selected through your gallery sharing website (20-25 for sessions, 25-35 for weddings)
  • All images compressed through SpaceSaver
  • Keyword research relating to location, theme, & topic of blog post
  • Target keyword chosen + used in title/meta description/excerpt/image titles
  • URL slug with target keyword
  • Alt text for at least 75% of the post’s images 
  • Collages of 1-3 images created through Storytailor, each with a target keyword as the filename
  • Green light for Yoast SEO & readability (Yoast plugin for WordPress)
  • At least 1 inbound link + 1 outbound link
  • Copy: 500-900 words for photographer’s galleries, 1500-2500 words for articles
  • 1 round of revision where you can send me any edits within 1 week of publishing. Any additional rounds of revision past that (or any that take place after 1 week) will require an additional fee of $75 each, or you can make the changes yourself!

Results are not guaranteed & your website needs to be somewhat optimized when you come to me, in order to convert traffic from Google into inquiries. The more SEO-optimized your site is, the more (and the higher) blogs will rank, and the quicker you’ll see results!

A few frequently asked questions

and hopefully all the answers you need

Danielle is literally a game changer.

“It's actually hard to put into words how much she has completely changed my business. If you're feeling like you want to up your website game, get new clients from Google, create resources for your current and potential clients, and showcase your work in the most gorgeous way, RUN, don't walk to Danielle! I have never been so impressed by someone's professionalism, creativity, hard work, and communication, even when I am in the middle of one of the most hectic few years of my business and raising a family.” 

Makenzy Smith, Wedding Photographer